About ielts-class.net

10001261_222745947920909_1606869074_oMy name is Tu Quynh. About me:

  • 8 years of experience in learning and teaching IELTS
  • Founder and ex-president of the first IELTS club in Vietnam, Vietnamese IELTS Community
  • 8.0 IELTS (10/2015)
  • Passionate about teaching English
  • A strong opponent of rote learning
  • My motto: “I don’t teach you what to think but how to form your own opinion.”
  • Currently living in the Netherlands

The aim of this website is to provide lessons for IELTS exam, as well as to help you improve your English.

Have questions about IELTS or my IELTS course? Leave me a message on Facebook or send me an email via tuquynh.sg@gmail.com