IELTS Listening – Note Filling – Exercise 2

Listen and complete the notes with ONE WORD ONLY. Write down your answers in the comment section.

Plants that changed the world

Prehistory: flowering plants

  • arrived about 130 million years ago
  • became an essential source of 1 __________

2737 BC: tea

  • discovered in China, played a key role in USA, China & UK
  • led to financial problems in Britain – Chinese ruler insisted all tea was paid for with 2 _________, which had to be sourced from other countries.

202 BC: White Mulberry

  • in demand from 202 BC when it was essential in the production of 3 _____________
  • trade routes led to the spread of different 4 ______________ but also made more people ill and encouraged the exchange of dangerous products (e.g. 5 ____________)

16th century: the potato

  • originated in Central and South America, brought to Europe by the 6 ___________
  • it was rapidly accepted because it was cheap and contained lots of 7 ____________
  • helped prevent one specific 8 _____________
  • 1845 – 1849 – large-scale failure of potato crops led to a million deaths in Ireland and the
  • 9 _______________ of another million people.

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