IELTS Speaking – Part 2 – Describe a restaurant experience


You must have been to a restaurant at least once in your life. Some even go to restaurants everyday. However, when it comes to describing the experience at a restaurant, some students might still struggle with the topic as they lack of vocabulary to describe food and places. Let’s analyse a sample talk about a restaurant experience (extracted from IELTS Express – Intermediate).

Describe a recent restaurant experience. You should say: 

  • where you ate 
  • who you went with 
  • what you ate 
  • and explain how your felt about the experience 


The student presented in a logical order: provide a context, then describe the events and finally give his opinions. Here is my note on the key points of his talk:

  1. The context:
  • 2 weeks ago
  • a fast food place on Oxford street
  • with his girlfriend
  • early in the evening
  • Oxford street was busy
  • He’s a vegetarian

2. The events & his feelings

  • He had a veggie burger with french fries, and a large chocolate milkshake which was so good 
  • All cost about 4 pounds
  • His girlfriend had a salad a bottle of mineral water because she doesn’t like the type of food they have there.
  • He thinks she didn’t like it because it was covered in a very oily dressing.
  • She was pretty angry. 

 Tips for Speaking Part 2: 

  • Instead of trying to cover the points on the card only, you should tell an interesting story in a logical order. Of course you still need to cover all the points. But keeping in mind that you are telling a story would help you organize your talk and add your feelings and opinions easier.
  • As you can see from my notes above, apart from his opinion about the food, he also added extra information, for example, how much it cost, what his girlfriend had and why, and what he thinks about her feelings and why. It is encouraged to add extra information as long as they are relevant and all the details are well organized.


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