IELTS Speaking – Describe your family member


The following recording is from Collins Speaking for IELTS. Listen to three people talking about their relatives and answer the questions below.


Speaker 1 
Who is her closest family member?
What are the positive characteristics of her mother?
What are the examples of those characteristics?
What are the negative characteristics of her mother?
What are the examples of those characteristics?

Speaker 2 
How was the relationship between the speaker and his cousin?
Why did they grow apart?

Speaker 3 
How is the relationship between the speaker and her mother-in-law?
What are the positive characteristics of her mother-in-law?
What are the examples of those characteristics?
What are the negative characteristics of her mother-in-law?
What are the examples of those characteristics?

The speakers do not only list the characteristics of their family members but also give examples of some of them. Giving example is a good and easy way to extend your ideas. You should try to describe one of your family members based on the questions above. You should also use the expressions learnt from the recording.


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Hi Huyen, here is the transcript of the recording:

1. The person I’m closest to in my family is definitely my mum, Kate. We’ve always got on and we hardly ever fall out. I know that’s unusual! She’s really outgoing and sociable – she’s always going out with friends and colleagues. Everyone thinks she’s good fun. I look up to her because she’s so hard-working – she never sits still and she works long hours. She can a bit impatient, though – she gets annoyed when her colleagues aren’t as efficient as her. I take after her in that – I’m impatient, too. And she’s over-sensitive, often getting offended for seemingly no reason.

2. My cousin Kieron and I grew up together. We were inseparable. He was so creative – he’d always think of new games we could play and make up these stories to make me laugh. I was constantly amazed by his open-mindedness as well – he was never judgemental. I wish I could be like that. Unfortunately, we grew apart, slowly but surely, and by the time we went to uni we weren’t in touch any more. I haven’t seen him for years. It’s really sad. I would blame it partly on the fact that he’s not very reliable, so for example, if I email him he won’t respond. I’m not sure what’s he up to these days.

3. I know this is a cliché, but I don’t get on with my in-laws, especially my mother-in-law, Jane. She’s so nosy, always wanting to know what we’re doing and who we’re with, and she’s terribly blunt, which means she quite often upsets us with things she comes out with. And then she can be quite stingy. When we go out for a meal with her and my father-in-law, she never offers to pay, even though they’re much better off than us. I must say, though, she’s extremely clever and I do respect her for that. She set up her own business five years ago and it’s gone from strength to strength. She’s so self-assured and ambitious too, which I suppose is why she’s so successful in business.

To jedynka z niewielu stron odrzucić zmniejszymy się aż do anonsów pojazdów osobowych. To prekursorska giełda obwieszczeń paliwa różnorodnego wariantu – od osobowych, za pomocą cięzarowe, po fachowy ekwipunek. Zagadnienia motoryzacyjne odnosi się do życia każdego z nas. Nośniki np. pojazdy, motocykle, ciężarówki towarzyszą naszej firmie odkąd kilkunastu zawsze. Większość producentów a, także schematów pojazdów okazuje się być bardzo duża. Pozostaną wozy odkrywcze a, także użyte, godne uwagi jak i również generalnie odradzane. Jeżeli masz zamiar świeży samochód, wystarczy wyłonić stosowną korporację a, także mamy całą listę samochodów za zbyt. Nie zabraknie także niszowych wytwórców, doborowych limuzyn, albo pojazdów sportowych. Jedynie na naszym portalu odnajdziesz wozy dzięki sprzedaż, które to uprzednio odkąd dawna grają miano legendy. Odrzucić umieszczamy jakichkolwiek ograniczeń na dodawaniu anonsów. Domowa giełda okazuje się być naszym lokalizacja, w którym znajdziesz anons samochody któregoż wyszukujesz! – posamochod recenzje.

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