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The questions in part 1 are easy, so the examiner cannot be sure of your level yet. You can give very easy answers, but this is a chance to make a good impression. If you give simple answers, the examiner will not know if you are Band 4 or maybe Band 5. If you give specific answers with explanations and examples, the examiner will think you could be Band 6 or Band 7!


Giving examples is great for explaining ideas, and it is much easier to give example than explain reasons. It is useful for those who find it difficult to explain things or tend to give short answers. If you give an example, you are just describing something you know about and that takes very little mental effort. Saying because is much harder as you now need to think of the reasons. Be easy on yourself!


As you can see from previous post on IELTS Speaking – Family, the speakers give examples of their family members’ characteristics. For example, the first speaker said “She’s really outgoing and sociable – she’s always going out with friends and colleagues.”


The speaking test is not formal, so you can give personal examples. You can talk about your experience or an event in the past. If you don’t have any experience or ideas related to the question, think about someone you know who has that kind of experience.

Question: Do you enjoy studying English?
Answer: Oh yes! I went to England last year and loved being able to communicate with local people. And knowing a second language means you have access to a whole new culture, new books and films.

Question: Have you got any interests or hobbies?
Answer: Not really. I like watching football and I read books quite often. I usually read books like self-help books, keys to success, spiritual books and cook books.

Question: What types of jobs are most popular among young people in your country?
Answer: I’m not sure about the right answer. But I think the most popular jobs are sales and marketing because many of my friends work in this sector. Also, I have many friends working in the IT industry so I suppose software programmer is a promising career for young people.


Practise giving examples for the following questions: 

  • Can you cook? Do you enjoy cooking?
  • What’s your favorite food/ meal?
  • Do most people eat vegetables in your country?
  • Are there many vegetarians in your country?
  • Do you think we worry too much about what we eat?

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