Listening to main ideas – Family & Children

ielts-class-listening-family-childrenIn order to listen to details, first you have to be able to catch the main ideas of a lecture, or a conversation, etc.

Yesterday I posted a recording about “How children learn to behave” (click here if you want to listen to it).

Here are some main ideas of the lecture:

The lecturer focuses on three of the ways that children acquire their behaviour: through rewards, punishments, and modelling.

Award can be defined as a positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Most parents reward their children unconsciously.

Punishments are the second important way in which a child is socialised. All of us have probably been punished in our lives.

Both rewards and punishments are controversial. Some people think that children should not be rewarded for doing something that is their responsibility. Similarly, the lecturer doesn’t think that banging can teach children anything.  Children who come from homes where violence is used to solve problems are much more likely to abuse their own children when they become adults and have their own families.

The third way that children are taught to act is through modelling. Modeling is probably the most powerful way that children learn social skills. Children’s first role models are their parents. Parents can set a good example by showing children the kind of behavior they expect.

Parents are not the only people teaching children. Other family members and friends are also models. Children learn from each other, from their teachers, and from society itself. TV can send children a lot of negative messages.

Conclusion: The most important thing for children is to grow up in an environment where there are fair rules that are clearly established and followed consistently by everyone. If the child knows what the expectations are, he or she will find it much easier to acquire ‘good behavior.’ And if the child is loved and exposed to strong, positive role models, the child will quickly begin to grow in a healthy way.


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